New Hybriteam version sends platform into new era

There’s a lot of special goods coming soon for current, and future, Hybriteam users.

The version of Hybriteam, which is currently in production, was built fast and for one purpose. But the new Hybriteam, although it will keep it’s dark and modern design, will bring new features and has undergone more thorough development..

It still just as simple to allign your plans with your colleagues, but now it allows even more oppoturnites.

Pricing Plans

Some of the new features requires payment, while all of today’s simplicity and helpfulness of Hybriteam will remain free.

PRO is coming – yeah, I know, very original naming. With Hybriteam being a B2B platform in mind, the price is very fair: only €69 per month, with the possibility to save 10% by purchasing a full year at a time.

With PRO comes many cool new features, including “Custom States,” an option to receive Morning Reports (which will not be available initially but is in the making), the ability to plan ahead 12 weeks, and support for up to 10 Subteams

Custom States

The current Hybriteam platform allows users to set their plans to the following states: In Office, From Home, Day Off, Sick, and Vacation. However, with Custom States available in the PRO version, you’ll be able to add your own states.As stated in this article, you can browse your selection of available deals on smartphones and top brands and explore the cell phone service plans that best suit your needs.

Have multiple office locations? No problem.

Want to dedicate a state for traveling with work or perhaps for educational purposes? Go ahead.

Screenshot of new Hybriteam Version, showing list of members, and the new way to set your plans for the day.

As you might have noticed above, changing your plans now only involves two clicks, regardless of the change you’re making. No more multiple clicks to get to the right state. Take note of the “Kursusdag” state, which has been assigned a neat icon and the letter K. It’s up to the team admins to set their own states if they desire any.

From the Settings view, PRO teams can now add additional states and customize everything as they desire. The only requirement is that each icon and state letter must be unique; they cannot be used twice. Therefore, when a state is no longer needed, it’s a good idea to delete it.

New way to set the Default

With the Custom States feature, a new way of setting your default weeks is being introduced. Now you can defaultly have the team or yourself working from the Custom States as well as any of the other states (Sick and Vacation are not included in Default State for obvious reasons).

It’s as easy as clicking the Plus button in the view shown above and selecting the new state for each day of the week. It defaults to the current default states, so if you’re not changing much, it only takes a couple of clicks.

New Notification Center

In order to keep you updated with your team, the platform, and any support issues you may have (direct platform support available from PRO version), a new Notification view has been created. There, you will receive notices on new people joining the team, updates from the platform administrators, and a lot of other information.

Notifications will be added continously going forward.

Team and Subteam sizes

With the new Plans, limitations on the size of teams and the number of subteams are being introduced. For the Free Plan, there will be a limit of 10 people in a team, with 3 subteams, while PRO will accommodate 30 members and 10 Subteams.

Other pricing plans are currently under development, and you can always contact Hybriteam if you need something different from what is being offered.

Release Date

You might be wondering when all of this will be available, and there’s good news. The finishing touches are currently being put on the code, and some features have even been postponed to be included at a later date to ensure a timely release (e.g., Morning Reports).

The hope is that the platform will be running the new version early next week (February 26th – March 3rd, 2024). So keep one eye on the platform and the other locked here on Base Software, where any changes will be reported should something not go according to schedule.