Timelogging is coming to Hybriteam

As you might have heard, it will soon be possible to log your time in Hybriteam.

From the first of July, Denmark is enforcing the EU legislation, that requires companies to provide tools for all employees to log their time spent working. Therefore, Base Software chose to build in the mini-tool Worklog into Hybriteam, and at the same time extend it in a major fashion.

For all teams: Log your time

All teams, no matter their Paid or Free plan, will be able to log their time. Admins in the team are then able to approve the logged time, just as both the logging user and the admin can edit the timelog, should it not be correct

When you start a timelog, it defaults to the State set in your schedule (on the Calendar/My Team overview from the “normal Hybriteam”). You can ofcourse change it, by selecting the Edit option in the given row in the table seen in “This Week” below.

Seen above is the view for the general user, when logging time. You can start a timelog (which is already started in the above picture, seen by the plus “Time Today” box, which has pulsating text), Start and Stop breaks and ofcourse Stop the timelog that is running.
You’re also able to manually add timelogs for past work, using the button:

in the time overview. (see the button next to the End TimeLog and Take Break buttons in the picture above).

Each member can also get an overview of their time spent, and select year and month they want to see:

If you’ve set a “Standard amount of hours to work per week” in your Settings View (on the dropdown in the top right by your firstname), you can see how much you work, compared to that value.

As an admin, your of course able to access a Management page, even on the Free plan. Here you can approve timelogs, and see how much time each employee timelogs on the system.

Manage Projects With PRO

If you want your users to be able to set which projects the time is spent on, and with that be able to get an overview of each project and how your employees distribute their time in those projects, PRO is the way to go.

It’s still as cheap as before this time logging was added, but now you’re able to get even more out of the plan.

Each member, that is assigned to a project, get access to a project page that shows their engagement in the project

As an admin in the team, you can see even more about a project and approve hours based on each project:

There’s a lot to this update, so please check it out as soon as it hits the platform. (When you’re able to select “Time” in the top navigation bar).

As always, all feedback is appreciated, so please don’t hesitate to let your opinion be heard.
You can also follow along on Hybriteam Facebook Page and on the Twitter/X Site.