Coming soon: log your time in Hybriteam

As you might have heard, employers are – by EU law – obliged to keep track of the time their employees work.

This is primarily to help the employees, so they are not overworked, and there are several criteria that the employees/employer have to live up to, which includes:

  • 11 hour rule; every employee is entitled to 11 hours off between shifts. It’s not allowed to break up the 11 hours into multiple smaller periods within a day.
  • 24 hour rule; every employee must have 24 hours of uninterrupted weekly rest.
  • 48 hour workweek; employers are responsible for ensuring that their employees do not work an average of more than 48 hours a week, seen over a 4 month period. Please note that vacation time is not allowed to count against the average work time.
  • Remember breaks; if an employee is working more than six consecutive hours , they have the right to have rest breaks. There’s no fixed time set for what counts as a break, but it has to be enough for the employee to actually get a break. I.e. two minutes doesn’t count as a break.

Coming soon to Hybriteam, all teams’ members can log their time, and the team’s admins will be able to see the time logged for the employees.

Looking a bit ahead, PRO teams will be able to register the time into projects and tasks. But more on that later.

Come back soon for the full details on this upcoming feature.